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SHE IS LOVE ™ celebrates Sacred Feminine creative and spiritually awakened expression. This is a portal in service to the deep feminine that is blossoming in women around the world. 

We saw the need for a venue for women to feel celebrated and safe to express the profound luminosity of Her heart, thus She is Love was born. We support your Sacred Feminine expression and awakening by offering a wealth of inspiration, upliftment, creativity, nourishment, wisdom, and activation! 

We do this by featuring Sacred Feminine dance, music, painting, film, embodiments, literature, events, services, luscious gifts, and more. We celebrate your Sacred Feminine expression through a community page where you can share your artistry.

We are setting a new paradigm for business, through a love/compassion model; one of celebration and support of the unique light of each woman rather than through competition.

We are blending non-profit business models together with abundant business models to be of service and maintain sustainability for the Sacred Feminine. Sisters rise together! You are the priestesses and dakinis emerging for the benefit of all beings! Welcome and Enjoy!

Our Story

Our team is a combination of a dakini inspired embodiment artist (Kalista), Mary Magdalene devotee-scholar (Annalisa), and Protector of the sacred feminine container (Rahman). 

Seeing the need for more venues that celebrate deep feminine expression, Kalista and her beloved husband, Rahman, founded SHE IS LOVE. As the heart of She is Love grew, two Goddess Executive Organizers, Annalisa and Yemaya, joined to contribute their gifts to the sacred feminine.

We are in service to the deep feminine from around the world, so she can creatively express the profound luminosity of HER heart.


Kalista Saraphina "Skydancer"

 Co-Founder & Director of She is Love

Co-Founder & Director of She is Love

Kalista is co-founder of She is Love. Her service is to sacred feminine awakening- a wild untamable mysticism rooted in creativity, sensuality, the heart, body, and senses. She feels awakened and empowered feminine creativity and sensuality have been veiled for thousands of years, and is arising as one of the greatest enlightening forces currently on the planet. Kalista helps curate She is Love as a celebration of this awakened sacred feminine expression. Kalista is also a dakini artist, who embodies multiple spectrums of the sacred and cosmic feminine. The dakini is known as a "skydancer".  The space in which she emanates is not a literal sky, but the primordial vastness at the core our true nature that is ripe with potential. Dance, music, costume, photography, film, and editing production become alchemical agents- turning this arising potential into art. Her artwork is featured globally through sacred sites such as Awaken (, LoveTV (, and Dakini as Art (   More about her dakini artwork:

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All women on some level are dakinis. The feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden wisdom and treasures into her expressions. Through her heart, she can bypass the literal mind, blossoming open love’s infinite dimensions. 
— Kalista Saraphina "Skydancer"

Annalisa Derr

 Goddess Executive Organizer of She is Love (photo by: Stacy Cornett)

Goddess Executive Organizer of She is Love (photo by: Stacy Cornett)

 Annalisa Derr as Mary Magdalene in her ritual performance piece "Journey to the Goddess" (photo by: Bryan Anton)

Annalisa Derr as Mary Magdalene in her ritual performance piece "Journey to the Goddess" (photo by: Bryan Anton)

A Mary Magdalene devotee, Annalisa made her first solo Mary Magdalene pilgrimage to Southern France in 2014 where she was initiated into the Magdalene Mysteries. Shortly thereafter, the Goddess lead her to Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is currently a PhD candidate in Mythological Studies. Annalisa is a ritual theater creatrix with specialized training in masked and physical theater from master teachers in Italy, India, and NYC. Inspired by events in early November 2016, Annalisa began work on a ritual performative series that utilizes menstrual art to promote the female body and female sexuality as powerful, healing, and life affirming. Annalisa has developed and produced monthly women’s events in New York City (Ladies Salon NYC) and  Santa Barbara (Mary Magdalene Spiritual Group), with an emphasis on women’s spirituality, creativity, networking, and entrepreneurship. In addition, Annalisa teaches somatic and Goddess centered workshops with the aim to encourage women to reconnect to the sacredness of their female bodies. Information regarding upcoming workshops and her ritual performance series can be found at


We are in deep gratitude to Rahman, Kalista's beloved, for holding a strong container for the sacred feminine. He is a man of integrity, depth, consciousness, and protector of the divine feminine.

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