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She is Love celebrates the Sacred Feminine in all of Her manifestations. We are a portal to inspire woman to fall in love with their Sacred Feminine essence. When a woman feels safe, honored, and celebrating she blossoms a radiance of love so powerful, transforming all those around her and the world. The Sacred She energy is so potent and powerful, it has been feared, suppressed, and veiled through millennia. However, Her time has come, awakening and roaring in woman throughout the world. Inspired by matrilineal ancient traditions and lineages (without appropriating them) SHE IS LOVE offers resources for women to rediscover and reimagine the Sacred Feminine in her own unique way. The Sacred She is always evolving and emerging new, fresh, and alive. Each woman is this blossoming and offers a powerful potential to gift Her love like never before in the world. We honor and facilitate this awakening through: artistry, educational classes and video series, full immersion events, and more. We invite you to fully express YOUR/HER luscious mystery.

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Santa Barbara Temple, Herstory, and Sacred Code Awakening Immersions


Sacred feminine paintings, dance, embodiment, ritual art, music, and more

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Luscious products that nourish your being and also help financially support She is Love and female artisans.

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