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You are the sacred SHE. You are the transformation and the prayer. You are embodied soul dancing a new world- fiercely, wild, unabashedly with your whole heart. You are radiance sung within, shining gifts and hidden wisdom. You are the re-awakening. It is time to heal personal and collective wounds, transmute shadows, and activate the remembrance of who you are. Welcome, priestesses and dakinis emerging for the benefit of all beings!
— Dakina, Co-Founder of She is Love

SHE IS LOVE celebrates the Sacred Feminine in her many embodied expressions. From the Priestess and Medicine Woman to the Creatrix and Wisdom Holder, we believe that sacred embodied intelligence is within every woman. When a woman feels safe and honored in her ineffable range of expressions, she blossoms open a radiance of love that is so potent, it leads her to be a healing force for herself, her extended community, and the world. Although we are inspired by matricentric ancient traditions and lineages, the Love of the Sacred She is always evolving and emerging fresh, new, and alive. SHE IS LOVE offers inspiration and resources for women to rediscover and reimagine the Sacred Feminine in her own unique contemporary way: through artistry, educational classes and video series, full immersion events, and more. We invite you to explore this site and deepen your luscious mystery. 

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The essence of the Sacred Feminine is embodied expression: Wild, Juicy, Surrendered, Fierce, Compassionate, Radiant, Sensual… infinite in Her manifestations.

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Feminine Wisdom Series, Sacred Feminine Interview Series, and Herstory Articles

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The Masculine and Feminine Principles of Awakening


Immersions and Events at the Temple in Santa Barbara


Sacred feminine paintings, dance, embodiment, ritual art, music, and more

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