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SHE IS LOVE celebrates the creative and embodied expression of the Sacred Feminine. Each woman has within her unique codes, waiting to be re-awakened and re-membered. When a woman confidently claims her sacred connection, she radiates an authentic power and self-expression, leading her to be a healing force for herself, all women, and her extended community. SHE IS LOVE helps inspire women to rediscover and reimagine the Sacred Feminine in her own unique contemporary way. The Sacred She energy within each women is so powerful, multi-faceted, and creatively sensuous, that it has been feared, suppressed, and veiled through millennia.

SHE IS LOVE is here to support women and the shifting world-wide paradigm from one of fear, alienation, and agression, to one that is life affirming, cooperative, and sustainable. SHE IS LOVE contributes to this shift on four different levels: 1) A physical Temple in California where women can gather for events and immersions. 2) Herstory educational projects that connect the wisdom of the heart and mind. 3) Creative embodiment classes that access the living intelligence of the Sacred She, in all of her manifestation, through the human body. 4) Showcasing female artists who are working with the Sacred Feminine within every creative medium. We invite you to explore this site and deepen your luscious mystery. 

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Wisdom teachings on Herstory

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Santa Barbara Temple Immersions and Events

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The essence of the Sacred Feminine is embodied expression: Wild, Juicy, Surrendered, Fierce, Motherly, Radiant, Noble, Sensual, Sacred… infinite in Her manifestations.


Sacred feminine paintings, dance, embodiment, ritual art, music, and more

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