Anita Teresa

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I wound up focusing on healthy sexuality after a long stint working in clinical settings and seeing a real need to address this area--particularly for healthcare professionals. It seems that the stats haven't budged much in decades when it comes to rampant sexual abuse and subsequent trauma. I've loved using the somatic approach because it addresses trenchant problems at a pre-verbal level to help release trauma. Not only that, it is truly transformative for all other areas of life as well. The way we relate to the body affects everything--relationships, performance, creativity, and fulfillment. Delving deeply into the world of somatics while working firsthand with thousands of patients and staff at NYU Langone and other hospitals was the context that led me to found the Sex & Medicine Summit Series in 2014.

I've also been fortunate to make appearances on the Dr. Oz show, News 12NJ, Doctor Radio, BET, and the Progressive Radio Network, sharing my experience and passion for somatic/mind-body practices and sexual well-being.

I've been a presenter at the annual “Heal Thy Practice” Conference for medical professionals, the East Meets West Medicine Fest, the Queen’s County Lawyer’s Assistance Program, a Three Tomatoes sexual health event at the Hungarian Consulate, and more recently, in Negril, Jamaica at a women's health retreat.

Prior to beginning my own practice, I was a founding member of the Department of Integrative Health Programs at NYU Langone, helping to grow their programs over a five-year period through providing mindbody education to thousands of patients and staff. I've worked with an array of corporations and organizations to bring yoga, leadership development, and meditation programs to their ranks. Visit my websites: |