Cheryl Beychok

 Cheryl Beychok (artist)

Cheryl Beychok (artist)


Beychok has been making art since she was a little girl, when she illustrated her class assignments with watercolors and pencil. As a teen, she relocated to Israel for three years, where she studied English literature and embraced her burgeoning career as an artist.

Beychok had a strange dream she was in France, exploring the streets of Montmartre. Six months later, she won a pair of tickets to Paris, which arrived in a letter dated on her birthday. She took all of it as a sign and went with a friend. In the midst of a major bout of déjà vu, Beychok happened to glance over at a studio that literally had her first name on it. The studio belonged to a sculptor, and it was then that she decided to pursue the discipline herself.  She studied at Teale Street Sculpture Studio with Robert Cunningham and with Martin Vaugel Sculpture Studio in the Loire Valley in France.

Recently, intrigued by an exhibit of David Hockney’s ipad art, she turned to drawing on her iPhone using an app she downloaded.  Her newest creations are at once soothing and unsettling; vivid and dark; simple and thought-provoking.  

Sprezzatura Book

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"Sprezzatura [sprettsaˈtuːra] is an Italian word originating from Baldassare Castiglione's The Book of the Courtier, where it is defined by the author as "a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it".- Wikipedia