Mary Magdalene Celebration!

Dr. Sweta Chawla 

In conversation with Annalisa Derr

July 22nd, 2018

Sweta Chawla PharmD and Author of the book I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Look For…Now What?  Left her 17 year Profession of Pharmacy after the premature birth of her son. Leaving a decade long career as a Professor she then took a deep-dive into her soul. To her surprise, she came out a writer,  a practical mystic, and a compulsive story-teller. She's passionate about supporting women to experience Balance, Belonging and Beauty from the inside out. However her Alter Ego is Ms. Piggy so don't mistaken her "love & light" attitude. Her mission is to support martyrs to "get a life" in the most compassionate way possible. She's determined to get moms to honor their intuition & lead their family through her customized Unique Harmony LifeStyle process. Her approach is about giving permission to want it all on YOUR terms without having to do it alone. Instead feeling magically supported. When not "working," she’s either salsa dancing, at an open-mic/improv or exploring the world with her family and sometimes alone.