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Sacred Embodiment Temple

TEMPLE ACTIVATION September 21st (2019) 11am-2pm (limited to 10 women) Santa Barbara, Ca.


Join us for a very special gathering in a sacred circle of women: activating deep remembrances of Shakti through Classical Devadasi Temple Dance, taught by Daniela Riva; and wild transmissions of the Dakini through Intuitive Embodied Expression, guided by Dakina{•}Kalista.

What you will learn and experience:

  • Sacred Devadasi Temple Dance, taught by Daniela, is inspired by devotional and sensual poses, movements and gestures, maintaining all the beauty and precision of Indian classical dance, merged with the essence of the sensuality and power of the tantric rituals. Cultivating and embodying the sacred origin of Indian Dances, Daniela guides her students into an inner journey, animating their prayers through refined and ritualistic gestures and steps. These classes includes gentle, sensual and grounding steps, to awake even more subtle feminine energies of the body and spirit.

  • Intuitive Embodied Expression, guided by Dakina, is a creative and mysterious way for the feminine heart and body to deeply feel within and express her sacred wisdom transmissions. Embodiment art is a process of deep intimacy and presence with the organic, moving, creative, healing, and intelligent essence of true being. Each embodiment contains its own alchemy and soul poetry. The sacred feminine principle within us is experienced as aliveness within ourselves and all creation: radiant, wild, and multitudinous. Intuitive embodied movement connects us to this sacredness inside to be lived as a gift in all areas of life.

  • The exquisite jewels that only a circle of deep hearted women can offer. There is something so life affirming and special of women coming together to dance, be real, raw, wild, radiant in their connection.

The location is at a temple home surrounded by lush gardens: overlooking the ocean and mountains.

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About the Priestesses



Daniela has been performing, teaching, and training in Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam in Tamil Nadu since 2004. Her exploration in sacred dances and rituals has lead her to absorb the fascinating history of temple dances, the devotional culture, spiritual philosophy, and traditional life style of India. Exploring poses, movements, and origins of Odissi Indian classical dance, Daniela’s classes embody the essence of the devotional ritualistic movements of the temple dancers, sharing with all women the transformational power encoded in these ancient arts. Daniela is a Yoga teacher from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram of Chennai.



Dakina{•}Kalista guides women to creatively and intuitively embody their deep essence: which overflows and benefits every aspect of life. Each embodiment gifts its own wisdom, poetic treasure for the soul, and archetypal medicine. Her background includes a B.A. in Psychology; graduate studies in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute; Byron Katie’s School for The Work™; and is a certified teacher in the Non-Linear Movement Method® (created by one of her mentor’s Michaela Boehm). She also received the wisdom transmission of the Five Dakinis by Lama Tsultrim at the Tara Mandala. She utilizes these experiences to deepen her mentorship with women.

Luncheon Event with Marianne Williamson

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Mi'Ka Moon Live Concert 2017


 Mi’ka sings from the depths of her soul, bringing through cosmic triumphant melodies, and deeply profound lyrics.
 Weather on piano, guitar, ukulele or hand drum, her songs are a reflection of both her life experiences, and her hopes and dreams for the future.
 She is Creatively inspired to sing for Women’s Empowerment and known for Catalyzing a Healing Presence of Unconditional Love for all souls, through her performances ! 


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