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We offer you products that lavish your heart, nourish your soul, and adorn you like a queen. They also make wonderful gifts for your soul sisters. ALL products include shipping cost to the US. We are setting a new paradigm for business, through a love/compassion model- one of celebration and support of women not competition. We are a blend of non-profit in service to others, as well as profit to support women artisans. Sisters rise together for the benefit of all beings.  Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more products!

This Pachamama ceremonial oil holds the essence of the mystical, powerful & sensual divine feminine!
Each .5oz bottle of oil is lovingly hand poured with a lumerian crystal & a leaf from the Peruvian Marusa plant (sacred mother healer) sweetly nested inside.
Filled with cold pressed organic grapeseed oil as a base with lavender, white rose, chamomile, jasmine, sweet orange, clove & finally... One drop of a tincture made from the root of a mother tree.
You may feel called to annoint yourself with this body safe oil around your meridian & chakra points. The loving adaptogen Marusa leaf especially loves to be applied on the souls of your feet!
By Jakku House

More gifts and products coming!

We are launching a She is Love gifts and product collection, inspired by the sacred feminine!

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