Kalista Saraphina "Skydancer"


Kalista is co-founder of She is Love. Her service is to sacred feminine awakening- a wild untamable mysticism rooted in creativity, sensuality, the heart, body, and senses. She feels awakened and empowered feminine creativity and sensuality have been veiled for thousands of years, and is arising as one of the greatest enlightening forces currently on the planet. Kalista helps curate She is Love as a celebration of this awakened sacred feminine expression. Kalista is also a dakini artist, who embodies multiple spectrums of the sacred and cosmic feminine. The dakini is known as a "skydancer".  The space in which she emanates is not a literal sky, but the primordial vastness at the core our true nature that is ripe with potential. Dance, music, costume, photography, film, and editing production become alchemical agents- turning this arising potential into art. Her artwork is featured globally through sacred sites such as Awaken (awaken.com), LoveTV (lovetv.co), and Dakini as Art (dakiniasart.org).   More about her dakini artwork: kalistaskydancer.com

All women on some level are dakinis. The feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden wisdom and treasures into her expressions. Through her heart, she can bypass the literal mind, blossoming open love’s infinite dimensions.
— Kalista Saraphina Skydancer