The Dakini as an Emanation of Enlightenment by: Kalista Skydancer

 Dancing dakini bronze sculpture (circa 17th century)

Dancing dakini bronze sculpture (circa 17th century)

Wild Untamable Feminine Mysticism

The feminine awakens quite differently than the masculine.  My service is to celebrate this difference; not in a dualistic dividing way. Honoring both the sacred masculine and feminine aspects is a balance that benefits all beings to knowing we are ultimately One.  I will detail some of the differences, but wish to preface by saying that although the feminine awakens differently than the masculineenlightenment does not happen to a man or a women, or any other gender. Our true essence is limitless and undefinable. We are fundamentally enlightened, we don't become enlightened. Enlightenment is not something attained by special people. Enlightenment is not something one can get or achieve- no matter how many disciplined mantras, retreats, or meditations. It’s not an object that one can gain or seek outside of self. It does not happen to a being at all.  Enlightenment is the natural full realization of our fundamental nature that is always present. Enlightenment arises naturally from the dropping of an illusory identity. The dakini assists in dissolving this illusory identity- liberating the cultural mind/body through compassion, wild mastered ferocity, beauty, wrath, play, and unexpectedly more.

 The dakini is not a logical or linear way to awakening.  She is untamable with infinite petals. "She" can come in visions, sacred embodiments, barge right into the front door of our psyche, or sneak in through the back. My beloved says theThe Dakini is like a matador waving her red cape; she lures the self straight for the bate.  At the last minute she pulls away the cape and into the heart of God the self goes. She dissolves us into the core of our primordial origin.  With the dissolving of what we are not, we arise more as God's love- uniquely, bright, wild, and free. Our ultimate nature is direct, intimate, always here and now.    

Enlightenment in the traditional sense, which is more masculine oriented, is the realization of ones true nature beyond the body and mind as now presence- infinite eternal Consciousness. The ego dissolves as pure Knowing. The path to this realization is rooted in practices such as meditation, contemplation, and stillness. The "I" is not the body/mind, but is known as I Consciousness, I knowing, or I Awareness. Some of the powerful qualities that natural arise from this awakening are equanimity, integrity, vastness, emptiness, and peace.  Feminine enlightenment, is more wild, devotional, and expressed through embodiment. SHE emerges from the void as the dance of the cosmos in spontaneous creation. She awakens not through stillness but through what is ever changing. To realize oneself as ever changing, there is nothing to latch onto and the ego drops in the eternal dance of creation. She awakens by entering the experience of the body and senses so thoroughly touching the Beloved as oneself.  She surrenders opens as her true nature more from movement, energy, sensuality, creativity, the earth, and intimacy.  Feminine enlightenment is also emotion filled. However, instead of being contracted and identified by feelings and the mental stories attached, her emotions are the empathic oceanic tide opening as love. 

Enlightenment for the masculine aspect within us all, is experienced as a deep unwavering peace resting within and as infinite consciousness. Consciousness is the underlying source we all share.  Enlightenment for the feminine principle within us all is the infinitum (humans, flora and fauna, the earth, all planets, stars, galaxies... all experienced creation) expressed uniquely- radiant, wild, and multitudinous. When combined, these two principles are like a torus field,  where we fold into ourselves, resting in the peace our pure essence and eternal stillness, and simultaneously (in no space or time) move up and outward ever changing, shining ever more brightly as a one of a kind expression of Infinity. 

Luminous Void

A journey through the dimensions of you being, from soul to the Infinite Abyss. YOU are the LOVE AFFAIR of the Infinite Abyss and Everything Arising. You are the miracle in between that love. Simultaneously Nothing and Everything, birthing something exquisitely new in every eternal moment.  Written & Produced by: Kalista

In between or beyond these two converging principles of enlightenment is the unspeakable. It is not known through consciousness (masculine) or expression (feminine), but through the core of our heart in the love that is between these two enlightened principles within. We could liken it to a primordial void or a luminous void at the heart of the One Infinite we all are. An infinite abyss, so to speak, of pure potential.  A color analogy I like to use is this: the color white (which is all colors combined) to represents Awareness (masculine) by which all experience is illuminated (sees all colors at once), a rainbow of colors (which is white through a prism) to represent the diversity of creation and expression (feminine), and black to represent the absence of all color (even white) as the voidness of our primordial core. However this black is luminous with potential. “I” “You” “We” are the love affair between the this luminous void and everything arising (including Consciousness), simultaneously nothing and everything, birthing a precious one of a kind expression in each eternal moment. The dakini points to this love affair as our true nature.

It is said that the dakini follows no philosophy or system, that her activities obey no external laws or patterns.”, “... when we attempt to express the deeper experience of symbol, we must do so metaphorically, poetically, or artistically…Dakinis speak in often highly symbolic language…communicating on several levels at once and evoking meaning far beyond the literal words.
— Judith Simmer-Brown, Dakin's Warm Breath

The Dakini is adept at embodying and entering multiple realms. Out of the void of infinite potential, she emerges new fresh and alive as the dance of the cosmos, transcending back into the infinite. The feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden secrets into her movements. Hidden secrets are revealed in the undulation of a woman’s body  and creative expression when she is connected to her essence, cosmic potential, shakti, open to potent energy flowing in, and surrendered to dissolve as nothing to birthed anew again and again. This deep hearted sensuous feminine creativity becomes a blossoming and expression of the Dakini and her wisdom. It's not a logical linear way to awakening, evolution, or change, but instead liberates the personal and cultural 'mind/body' through unbridled love and mystery. Produced & Artistry by: Kalista

The dakini is known as the Sky/Space dancer.  The space in which she emanates has no form. It's not a literal sky, but the primordial vastness at the core our true nature. The dakini opens us to the awareness that our true nature is fundamentally spacious, vast, and empty while simultaneously ripe with infinite potential. The dakini is infinite in her expressions yet dimensionless.