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KoKo shares the deep belief that we save what we love, and that all the environmentalism on the planet is great, but it is really the process of being in the natural, miraculous world which fills us with an innate contagious joy that infects others with an awe-inspired reverence of being alive on this vibrant earth.  It is from this wellspring of delight which enlivens and unifies people with appreciation, beautiful caregiving and deeply connected amazement. She is sure we are co-creatives within this cosmic ecosystem; both interconnected and interdependent with all of existence. This can be seen in everything from the tiniest wildflowers to a shooting star dancing across the sky in a child's eye. Her prayer is that humans will remember that we too are wildlife, and mother nature is within us blooming our hearts and eyes wide open with celebration to all the tender hearted magical moments that sustain this shared gift of life.  May we benevolently move forward in ways that benefit the health and glee of all life on earth and beyond. 

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