Menstrual Puja by Annalisa Derr, continued.

...and therefore women, are considered dirty, impure, unclean, a “hindrance” to business, etc. For many women in the world, Her time of the month ushers in a time of menstrual seclusion because the act of menstruation is seen as taboo and polluting. Even in the West, menstruation is still considered shameful and is, in fact, treated much more like a disease rather than a natural and necessary bodily process.

In north India, Kamakya is a tantric goddess associated with fertility. She is often seen with Her vulva exposed, and Her menstrual blood is believed to fertilize that land. Brahmin priests preside over Her temple, and in an ironic twist, control who can and cannot see the the “menstrual blood” of the goddess. Because of strict menstrual taboos, menstruating women are not allowed in Her temples.

Therefore in this performance fragment, I performed puja to Kamakya to celebrate my menstrual body as well as to honor women, the female body, and menstruation as beautiful, natural, and life-affirming!

Various Symbology:
* Red—passion, fertility, menstrual blood
* Roses—associated with goddesses and the vulva. Rose petals are often used in puja ceremonies to honor the deity.
* Rose-petaled yantra—a visual representation of the mantra chanted for the goddess.