Megwyn White

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Video "Value Seed" Poem written and read by: Megwyn White                               Embodiment & Video Production: Kalista


Photograph of Megwyn: by Rod Lamborn

Video "Space & Art" Poem written and read by: Megwyn White
Embodiment & Video Production: Kalista


Megwyn White, the founder of the Embodied Art Project, is an Embodied Immersive Artist looking to explore bridging the world of embodiment, technology, and ritual art.  Her art explores the power of aligning intention, embodied awareness, and cosmic presence through using artistic apps as an akashic medium to the expression. She is a poet, dancer, singer, actress, and visual embodiment artist and is especially inspired to create through collaboration and community. She is currently working on combining her healing practice of unearthing the embodied voice with artistic ritual art journeys meant to help a person access deeper layers of their psyche and subconscious through embodiment and art creation. 

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Liminal Space

Inside the liminal space
Lives the touch we crave
Between imagination
And waking state
There we mate
To pool intention
To trace transgressions
As all we ever knew
Grows in the mud
Of our distant blood
That future self
That calls to us
To live in the expectation
We conceived of first
There at birth
But sometimes
Our trust is flooded
Sometimes our blood is rusted
With what *still* needs
To be learned
And lived
In the waters that give
This mirrored reflection
It's craving touch.

- Megwyn White


"We are the mystery wanting to know itself embodied" - Megwyn


You Came to Me

You came to me
Like an easy breeze
Lavishing me
As a luxury
Taking my head in your lap
Like a quick sand
Breathing in grace
My soul yearning to land
To fall into the weight
To taking hold of your hand
Even when my trust was obscured
By what the past had done
What a gift you gave
In that "waiting space"
What a treasure you opened
As my body gave wave
But as we grew closer
The end grew nearer
The fear felt clearer
That our love couldn't last
Because our common cause
Never crossed paths
I will not say it's been easy
To pray for resolution
To leaving
For inside this penance of space
Still lives a whimsical taste
Of my longing for you
For that innocence
That let me surrender
That held me once
A fall in my memory
When my head landed
On the trust
Of what our love was. 

- Megwyn 


Stars Speak in Form

We need only lift our hearts
And speak to stars
For their noble touch
And spark
Lives inside us too
And longs to prove
That spirit spirals
In the vacuum
Within the black holes
Of our longing
When merged with the body
It forms the grace
In deep connection
As constellations grace
And reflect in that desire
A touch which transcends
It's density
And forms new realities
To be both earth born
And sky bound
Dancing in the honor
And boundaries
Within our human form. 

- Megwyn White


Sacred Geometry

Her shoulder rests
On the boundless breathe
Caught in the fog
A body
Out of the ambience
Of time
She finds an echo
Of touch
As that moon
Doth cup
Her lip
Into hands
Of a livid lover
As it smoothes
Out the edges
Of life’s
Only wanting
To be safe
To be given
Ample time
To play
That is her wish
To muse
To miss
To mold the music
In the dance
To touch
Which never ends
But holds you
To the wind
Fusing hearts
Into the inspiration
That comes
As art
Is all there is
Catching shadows
Creating gifts
And corners
That break with lines
In due nature
To the essence
Of time
When love
Was space
And we were
The discovery
In that sacred

- Megwyn White


The Diamond of Mine

The diamonds inside me
Are slicing me whole
Fractals and parts
I'm feeling the pull
The call of the jewels
Piercing my walls
Separating me
From this stale illusion
Help me to see
Through the lens
Of refinement
Divine alignment to self
Help me to penetrate
The shame
Of the shield
Yet still feel
By the sharpness
Of edges
Of owning my light
For the first time
In ages
Let me wake up
Past the pain
That facets
My shame.



Deep in liberosis
I posed the voices
Of how to let go of
That fucking ego
That care of who glares
That spit in the ‘spite'
Of who didn’t reply
How my head
Can spin on a dime
As this liberosis
Reminds me
That this world
Revolves beyond
The grips of
My thinking events.

- Megwyn White



Sometimes we have to incubate to emerge
Sometimes we have to get primal to purge
There are boundless ways
That our sex does play
A root in all our causal actions
Be it bitter sweet
That the body's meat
Is meant to greet
It's infinity
In it's finite flesh to shell
Our body wets
The appetite of this call
Whether spaced as stars
Or densified
By its fears
Our body nears that quell
Of space expanded
To hold the ocean
That our life commanded
Each time it sets it's sail
In intimacy reaping
Of body
But without the tear
Our body wares
And weathers a fall to our most
Willful sighs
Les't death deny us
And grant us of that wish
To reap in flesh
Before we leave
May we brave that storm
To sanctify our bodies
In the boundless call to self
Drenched in that visceral steam
That softens the most blackened
Of hearts
To swear as Art
As the souls' journey
Breathes again....
As body.