Our Story


Our team is a combination of an embodiment emanatrix (Dakina Kalista), Mary Magdalene devotee-scholar (Annalisa), and Protector of the sacred feminine container (Rahman). 

Seeing the need for more venues that celebrate deep feminine expression, Dakina and her beloved husband, Rahman, founded SHE IS LOVE. As the heart of She is Love grew, Annalisa joined to contribute her gifts to the sacred feminine.

We are in service to the deep feminine from around the world, so she can creatively express the profound luminosity of HER heart.



Co-Founder of She is Love

The feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden wisdom and treasures into her expressions. Through her heart, she can bypass the literal mind, blossoming open love’s infinite dimensions. 
— Dakina
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Dakina Kalista co-founded She is Love™ and the Temple for Embodied Arts, to celebrate Sacred Feminine creative embodied awakening. Dakina Kalista is an emanatrix of multiple spectrums of embodiments and transmissions. Her artwork explores a mysticism of sensuality, the earth, and the cosmos. She is inspired by the primordial aspects of the Sacred She- such as Dakini, Shakti, and Prithvi. The many shapeshifting petals of manifestations in her embodiments represent Shakti; while the sensuality and inter-connectivity to the earth represents Prithvi; and through all the arising expressions, the Dakini aspect by-passes the literal mind highlighting our essence beyond all phenomena. She is also inspired by the primordial aspects of the Sacred Masculine principle, such as Brahman; and blossomed open by the Primordial Beloved- such as Ardhanarishvara, representing the synthesis of the deepest tantra, and dissolution of separation at the heart of our true nature. Although influenced by ancient lineages and traditions, she explores and reimagines the Sacred Feminine in a unique contemporary way. The nature of the Sacred She is always evolving, blossoming, and emerging new, fresh, and alive. Dakina guides women into the depths of their unique embodiments and true nature. Her background includes a B.A. in Psychology, graduate studies in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, and is trained in the Non-Linear Movement Method® (created by one of her mentor’s Michaela Boehm). She also received the wisdom transmission of the Five Dakinis by Lama Tsultrim at the Tara Mandala. She utilizes these experiences to deepen her artwork and mentorship with women. Her artwork and services can be found at: dakina.com


Annalisa Derr

Contributing Writer, Interviewer, and Online Event Organizer

Curator of She is Love (photo by: Stacy Cornett)

Curator of She is Love (photo by: Stacy Cornett)

Annalisa Derr as Mary Magdalene in her ritual performance piece "Journey to the Goddess" (photo by: Bryan Anton)

Annalisa Derr as Mary Magdalene in her ritual performance piece "Journey to the Goddess" (photo by: Bryan Anton)

A Mary Magdalene devotee, Annalisa made her first solo Mary Magdalene pilgrimage to Southern France in 2014 where she was initiated into the Magdalene Mysteries. Shortly thereafter, the Goddess lead her to Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in Mythological Studies. Annalisa is a ritual theater creatrix with specialized training in masked and physical theater from master teachers in Italy, India, and NYC. Inspired by events in early November 2016, Annalisa began work on a ritual performative series, “She Bleeds the World into Existence.” In this series, Annalisa fuses menstrual art with goddess mythologies to promote the female body as powerful, healing, and life-affirming. Annalisa has developed and produced monthly women’s events in New York City (Ladies Salon NYC) and Santa Barbara that merge women’s spirituality, creativity, networking, and entrepreneurship. In addition, Annalisa teaches Goddess-centered embodiment workshops with the aim to encourage women to reconnect to the sacredness of their female wisdom. Information regarding upcoming workshops and her ritual performance series can be found at annalisaderr.com.


We are in deep gratitude to Rahman, Kalista's beloved, for holding a strong container for the sacred feminine. Without his support, love, and encouragement this website and other services of She is Love™ would not be possible. He is a man of integrity, depth, and consciousness. He is one of the men who make it safe for the sacred feminine to rise, shine, and blossom.