Vision Boards are an inspiring method of mapping and envisioning our dreams, desires, and goals. Here at She is Love, we are inspired by many aspects of the Sacred Feminine. We invite you into our imaginal Sacred She matrix where you will find images of women and aspects of the feminine that inspire us to dream a new dream of the global awakened Sacred Feminine. 



Sacred Feminine

This collage is a collection of images inspired by the Sacred Feminine as she appears in goddess form in various mythologies from ancient times into the present.




Birthing the Cosmos

This collage is inspired by the cosmic and oceanic depths of the Sacred She. In this collage, Kalista has envisioned the birthing of the cosmos as the Sacred She awakens the sacred codes within each woman.



She Is Love

This collage is an expression of the genesis of She is Love. We formed out of a desire to celebrate Sacred Feminine creative and spiritually awakened expression. 



This collage came as a vision for the future of women's temples. Inspired by the myths of ancient priestesshood, we desired to create a woman's temple for the 21st century priestess. We believe that each woman has with in her a sacred code of the Sacred Feminine waiting to be re-awakened. At our She is Love Temple, all paths of the Sacred She are honored and re-membered.


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