"Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen"

Embodiment by: Patille Violeta
Directed & Produced by: Kalista of She is Love Productions

"The “Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen” is a Spectrum of the Divine Feminine that I embody after years of Silence & Suppression." - Patille Violeta

She is Love Productions, films the sacred feminine in her multiple embodiments. Everything from luminous and graceful, visionary and cosmic, nurturing and earthy, fierce and dark, and so much more. Each embodiment reveals hidden treasures of the heart & soul. This week's divine feminine feature is the courageous Patille Violeta. She came to She is Love Productions to embody her darker spectrum.

Patille speaks about her journey: "Growing up as a highly sensitive person of mixed race made it not only difficult to navigate daily life, but also traumatizing. School bullying, divorce, my first break up, along with the influx of teenage challenges left me in a risky state of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. I resorted to self-destructive behaviors and spent many days, nights, and years despising myself. I learned how to smile. When there was nothing to smile about. 

The Emanation, 'Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen' shines light on the Journey of Navigating the Underworld.  
During my return to the Subterranean Realm, 
I give myself permission to be angry, self-conscious, sad, upset, and confused. 
I move as I please.
I touch the earth with my feet and claim my right to be here.
Right here in my body.

In the Mystical Cave,
I discover that the wounds of my past
hold sacred potential,
I reclaim my gifts of
Insight, Empathy, and Compassion."