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We are here to support, activate, and help blossom open and deepen your Sacred Feminine Codes!

Sessions are in Santa Barbara, California. Some Skype session may be available to those not local to the area.


Daniela has been performing, teaching, and training in Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam in Tamil Nadu since 2004. Her exploration in sacred dances and rituals has lead her to absorb the fascinating history of temple dances, the devotional culture, spiritual philosophy, and traditional life style of India. Exploring poses, movements, and origins of Odissi Indian classical dance, Daniela’s classes embody the essence of the devotional ritualistic movements of the temple dancers, sharing with all women the transformational power encoded in these ancient arts. Daniela is a Yoga teacher from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram of Chennai. 


A Mary Magdalene devotee, Annalisa made her first solo Mary Magdalene pilgrimage to Southern France in 2014 where she was initiated into the Magdalene Mysteries. Shortly thereafter, the Goddess lead her to Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is currently a PhD candidate in Mythological Studies. Annalisa is a ritual theater creatrix with specialized training in masked and physical theater from master teachers in Italy, India, and NYC. Inspired by events in early November 2016, Annalisa began work on a ritual performative series that utilizes menstrual art to promote the female body and female sexuality as powerful, healing, and life affirming. Annalisa has developed and produced monthly women’s events in New York City (Ladies Salon NYC) and  Santa Barbara (Mary Magdalene Spiritual Group), with an emphasis on women’s spirituality, creativity, networking, and entrepreneurship. In addition, Annalisa teaches somatic and Goddess centered workshops with the aim to encourage women to reconnect to the sacredness of their female bodies. 


It is an honor to guide women and witnessing their mystery, beauty,  and deep hearted embodiments. I'm am the founder of She is Love and the She is Love Temple. I offer deeply healing and creative private sessions. I guide women through an embodied and aesthetic exploration of sacred feminine and extradimentional awakening- an untamable mysticism rooted in creativity, sensuality, embodiment, the cosmos and heart. We explore raw realms of feminine emotional wisdom and hidden treasures found in liminal spaces (eg. between physical and non-physical, terrestrial and ether, conscious and subconscious, everything and nothing). A world between worlds that bypasses the literal mind, blossoming open flourishing expressions and a taste of the ineffable. We embody aspects of their being that have been repressed, kept in the shadows, or are so bright she fears to claim her illumination. All women on some level are Dakinas.  The feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden wisdom and treasures into her expressions. Through her heart, she can bypass the literal mind, blossoming open love’s infinite dimensions. 

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