Example of Music Video Directed and Produced by: Kalista.  Music by: Kira Kushnirova of Om Allure


Example of a woman Kalista worked with to film the "dark fierce SHE".  "The "Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen” is a spectrum of the Divine feminine that Patille shares with the world after years of hiding." This was a liberating experience for the participant.


Example of Kalista embodiment, film, and editing to artist, Megwyn White's Poetry.



Kalista is co-founder of SHE IS LOVE and Creative Director at SHE IS LOVE Productions. She offers  sacred filming, immersions, and embodiment services.  Her work is featured globally on sites such as Awaken.com, LoveTV.co, and DakiniasArt.org.


SHE IS LOVE Production Project:  

NO COST FREE This project is a service to benefit all beings. The She is Love Production Project will become a library of sacred feminine expression captured in film emanations.  This library will be a resource for all. Kalista devotes 50-100 hours on each piece, and donations are welcome to support this project. Kalista is looking for women to participate- all ages and diversity welcome. She is located in Santa Barbara, Ca., however this can be done long distance. If interested contact Kalista: kalista@sheislove.com


Sacred Video Filming (for Music Video, Dance, Performance, etc.)

Kalista creates sacred surreal, ethereal, and alchemical,  videos for your art.  You and your art are treated as sacred expressions of your heart and the divine. Kalista listen's deeply into your vision to bring it to life through film emanations. Filming is done is Santa Barbara, Ca. on sacred land. The cost is $500 per minute of finished video: this includes directing, filming, and editing services (e.g. a 3 minutes video's total cost $1,500 from beginning to end). For more information contact Kalista: kalista@sheislove.com


Deep Expression Immersion & Film

Looking to find the sacred expression that wants to emerge from your being; then creatively expressed and captured in a film emanation? Kalista works one on one with you to bring to life what you long to express.  Through a deep movement practice rooted in the heart, Kalista works individually with you to evoke and emerge the hidden treasure inside. This exquisite life changing process takes place is a sacred location in Santa Barbara, Ca. overlooking the ocean and mountains. Your expression is filmed and magically edited, and yours to keep for a lifetime. For more information contact Kalista: kalista@sheislove.com

View Kalista's artwork at: www.dakiniemantions.com


Embodiment Model

Kalista embodies multiple spectrums of the sacred feminine.  She can be an embodiment model for your artwork.  In addition, she can film and edit a piece for your poetry, music, or other creative visions.  Embodiment modelling: $150 per hour (not including travel). For full embodiment, filming, and editing services: $500 per minute of finished video: this includes embodiment, filming, and editing services.

View more of Kalista's artwork: www.dakiniemanations.com