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She is Love Original Interview

with host Isla Traquair: International television host, producer and journalist. 


From primetime news anchor in London to creating and hosting a health series on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada),  Isla brings a true depth and authenticity to her work. Watch, learn, and be inspired by this Original Interview Series.

Interview with Tatiana Dudyez: Power Strategist and Radiance Catalyst


What is feminine power and how do we unleash it to become more successful in business and other areas of life? In the first of our interviews with inspirational women for She Is Love, we learn how to embrace our authentic feminine, clear up the confusion over how women perceive they are supposed to "act" in the boardroom and discover it isn’t about tricks and techniques, but something more honoring to ourselves that will change everything. 
Tatiana Dudyez, lived and breathed the corporate world and grew a business from scratch into a national franchise. She was the epitome of masculine energy - power dressing, micromanaging, controlling and ultimately miserable. The mother-of-two turned her life around and found even greater success and happiness in a much easier way.  Now she is passing on her wisdom as a Power Strategist, teaching women the truth about success in business and how to achieve it. 

Tatiana met with international journalist and producer Isla Traquair to get deep and tell her story.