Celebrating the Sacred Feminine through Film

She Embodied

  Kalista Saraphina Skydancer

Kalista Saraphina Skydancer

Artistic video emanations of sacred feminine embodiments

Co-Founder of She is Love and dakini artist, Kalista, created She is Love Productions to film the sacred feminine in her multiple embodiments. Everything from luminous and graceful, visionary and cosmic, nurturing and earthy, fierce and dark, and so much more. Each embodiment reveals hidden treasures of the heart & soul. 

Produced by: SHE IS LOVE  Music by: Kira Kushnirova & Om Allure  Directed & Emanation Artistry Edited by: Kalista  

"The song is a channeled mantra, a transmission received from the luminous liquid light being, the Goddess of celestial waters, calling upon rivers of light and surrender to the infinite oceans of love
Welcoming the Divine luminous grace to flow through our human realms" -Kira Kushnirova


"Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen" Produced by: SHE IS LOVE Embodiment: Patille Violeta Directed and Edited by: Kalista  "The Emanation, 'Dark Fierce Amethyst Queen' shines light on the Journey of Navigating the Underworld. During my return to the Subterranean Realm, I give myself permission to be angry, self-conscious, sad, upset, and confused. I move as I please. I touch the earth with my feet and claim my right to be here. Right here in my body."  - Patille Violeta

"We are the Touchstone" Poem Written and Read by: Megwyn White  Video Artistry and Embodiment by: Kalista  Produced by: SHE IS LOVE "We are the touchstone of that kiss where touching lives..." Sacred sensual poetry, embodiment, and visual artistry come together to weave a portal of loves opening.

Produced by: SHE IS LOVE  Directed & Edited by: Kalista  Embodiment by: Amber Deylon

Amber embodies the watery depth and light. When women are willing to go deep and shine authentically something magical and alchemical occurs.

Starirng Flamenco Dancer: Tina Love Directed by: Kalista ( and Tina Love ( Filmed by: Tina Love and Rahman Video Editing and Artistry by: Kalista Produced by: She is Love

This is a compilations of brief clips from some of the spectrums Kalista has embodied and made into surreal emanations. These video portraits blossomed from a daily sacred feminine movement practice.  This movement meditation played a significant part in transforming the chaotic or contracted aspects of her being into flourishing expressions emanating from the heart: eg. sensuous, erotically dark, primordial, lovingly fierce, radiant, watery, surrendered and much more. Each embodiment unveiled hidden treasures that she would gift to her beloved. This is example of the dakini arising as alchemy and transmuter of energy. All women on some level are Dakinis. Although the Dakini transcends gender, the feminine has a beautiful capacity to infuse hidden wisdom and treasures into her expression. Through her heart, she can bypass the literal mind, blossoming open love’s infinite dimensions.

Videos Created for She is Love Edited by Kalista

"The Cosmic Mother" SHE, WE are the cosmic mother birthing a new world. WE arise as the dance of the entire cosmos here on Gaia. In celebration and unity we shine our infinite expression of beauty, creativity, wisdom, passion, and power.

Poem Written and Read by: Yemaya Renuka Edited by: Kalista Produced by: She is Love Co-produced by Annalisa Derr  Deep forgiveness is a sacred gift of Feminine Wisdom. It comes with Surrender and Trust and releases us from the weight of embracing ourselves as teachers in constant assignment. It can bless us with a nurturing spaciousness for new creation as we open a closed fist and free ourselves from the past. - Yemaya Renuka



She is Love Interview

with host Isla Traquair: International television host, producer and journalist. 



From primetime news anchor in London to creating and hosting a health series on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada),  Isla brings a true depth and authenticity to her work. Watch, learn, and be inspired by this Original Interview Series.

Interview with Tatiana Dudyez: Power Strategist and Radiance Catalyst


What is feminine power and how do we unleash it to become more successful in business and other areas of life? In the first of our interviews with inspirational women for She Is Love, we learn how to embrace our authentic feminine, clear up the confusion over how women perceive they are supposed to "act" in the boardroom and discover it isn’t about tricks and techniques, but something more honoring to ourselves that will change everything. 
Tatiana Dudyez, lived and breathed the corporate world and grew a business from scratch into a national franchise. She was the epitome of masculine energy - power dressing, micromanaging, controlling and ultimately miserable. The mother-of-two turned her life around and found even greater success and happiness in a much easier way.  Now she is passing on her wisdom as a Power Strategist, teaching women the truth about success in business and how to achieve it. 

Tatiana met with international journalist and producer Isla Traquair to get deep and tell her story.

Stay tuned for more Original Interview Series episodes! 

Film Maker Tina Love


Tina Love is a filmmaker whose feature screenplay "The Red Shoes" is the culmination of her two passions for flamenco dance and film. Her dream is to direct it.  Now a semi-finalist in the  FILMMAKERS INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITING AWARDS( (Jan.2018)  An earlier draft placed in the top 10% of Academy Nicholl submissions 2016,  an Official Finalist of The New York Screenplay Contest 2016, and The ZED Fest Screenplay Competition 2017

In 2006 a short film that she wrote, directed, shot and edited, Autumn Leaves premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  Later her featurette Destroying Angel won awards at other film festivals.  It was recently licensed by ShortsHD™ as well as her short film Duende: The Red Shoes. Tina co-wrote, co-directed and  edited  two feature documentaries, two short documentaries and an ultra-low budget feature comedy,  which have screened at various film festivals, TV, and internationally.  Tina is also the cinematographer/editor of Portraits of the Central Coast  an ongoing docu-series collaboration with Santa Barbara artist Holli Harmon. More credits here:

Tina is currently in post production on her short documentary The Romancing & Reaping of Riven Rock, narrated by Ed Asner, as well as editing two documentaries by director Emmanuel Itier.