SHE is Love not only through her nurturing and compassion, but her noble fierceness to protect what is good and true in this world!

Many of us feel tremendous compassion and a protective ferocity for the children being separated from their parents through the new immigration policy.  This page is dedicated to help activate outrage into clear action that can make a difference.

A Honduran asylum seeker, 2, and her mother are taken into custody by federal agents near the US-Mexico border. They had just crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico and were to be transported to a US Customs and Border Protection processing center. The Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy for undocumented immigrants calls for the separation of parents and children while their cases for political asylum are adjudicated, a process that can take months - or years. As a father myself, this photograph was especially difficult for me to take. It is one from a series i took while on a ride-along with the Border Patrol in Texas’ Río Grande Valley. - John Moore


Activate the Durga Within!

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Durga is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good.


Message from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Dear Brave Souls: Just a head's up
Today pro publica released an audio of children at the detention center at the border, weeping and crying. Crying out papi papi, daddy daddy. Mami, mami, auntie auntie.
There are now near 2000 children who have been seized and taken away from their parents as child abuse by the usa president and his gang.
I went to the mountain today to cry out my agonistas. Holy Mother, La Fuerza, the Fierce One, asks for her hands to be inside our hands, her words from her Immaculate Heart inside our words. To follow her example as Mother of the Shining Child of Light who fled to Egypt without papers, to save her child. She is the protectress of all children, and the child spirit in each person no matter their number of years gathered.
On the mountain, my prayer to her today and every day for you and for all to be proteted, given mercy, find shelter that is true and helpful refuge, is under the banner "Totus tuus ego sum... Praebe mihi cor tuum, Maria." I belong to you my Mother. I ask that you grant me your Heart..."
Please continue to write, to strongly ask of officials and groups, 'WHAT are you doing TODAY to stop this massive child abuse of thousands of innocents?" Post their replies on your fb page and twitter and elsewher. Hold those who hold the power, to the fire.
Those at the top could end this in an instant.
But today we learned they have actually calculated, literally doing analyses, determining the taking of children will play well with their constituency.
They will not withdraw their cruelties. To do so, one would have to have a conscience that speaks of /consults with Creator and the holy people, rather than listening to a rabid paramecium ego.
Remember: there are across the world, more and decent true souls standing and acting within their reaches, and together, we can repel, propel, stand for, demand, influence, create huge rivers of reasoned compassion that instead of unleashing destructions, can water and nourish true and living, loving solutions... from true self.
In the usa the coming november election is the most important one of our lives; opportunity to sweep out some and anoint far far better. I only ask from my heart that votes not be wasted; vote for the best one who can truly win, thereby not taking votes away from those who can actually succeed
We can never again have officials geeing and hawing, grinning and wisecracking [as I heard today] over their implementing purposeful harms to the innocent. It is not shocking. It is, I name it: they are lost in pure evil.
I send fierce love; Things are moving. Many are speaking; first ladies, bishops, priests, nuns, ministers, even those allied with the man at the top of our government.
It is not enough. The child abuse continues. Workers have been told not to touch or hold the children. I cannot even begin to tell you how this is a ghoul from the past come back to life, re gothic orphanages, forced 'indian' boarding schools of no love and no care, forcing jews into a crammed ghetto, dragging people from their lands against their wills, and more.
The famous speaking out: It will only be enough when the children and parents are freed completely from unlawful detention, when due process is implemented, instead of star chamber judging others guilty of nothing more than fleeing from dangerous nations sotted with thugs and gangs [often financially supported by drug users in the usa unwittingly - another story for another time] trying to save their lives and the lives of their little ones...
and merely stepping across a line drawn in the sand that a bunch of usa people made up, when they seized millions and millions of acres of beauty and rivers and flowering deserts and fertile land that belonged to Mexico. At will the usa literally rode in and murdered to take it. ALso another story for another time. And an often unmourned slaughter from not that long ago.
Whatever it is in some in the usa about using scripture to demand others bow to them, or else-- and the seizing of anything or anyone as a terror tactic to gain control of human beings and land... let us just say...
We have not forgotten. And also we do not forget this:
We are. Together.
We can make, are making a difference. Together.
Solidarity, my brave souls.

Dr. C.P. Estés’ is a lifelong activist in service of the voiceless; as a post-trauma recovery specialist and psychoanalyst of 48 years clinical practice; and as a journalist covering stories of human suffering and hope.
She is Mestiza Latina [Native American/ Mexica Spanish], presently in her seventies. She grew up in the now vanished oral tradition of her war-torn immigrant, refugee families who could not read nor write, or did so haltingly, and for whom English was their third language overlying their ancient natal languages.
She is first generation of her immigrant, deportee and refugee families, to complete grade school and high school and go to college.



What You Can Do Right Now to Help Immigrant Families Separated at the Border

By Amanda Arnold (published by The Cut)

Under the Trump administration’s extreme “zero tolerance” immigration policy, immigrant families are being separated at the border. The policy, which was officially announced on May 7, has led to more than 2,000 immigrant children being ripped from their parents while attempting to cross into the U.S. The stories are horrifying: federal agents allegedly taking away a mother’s baby as she was breastfeeding, asylum seekers listening to their children scream from another room, and a man killing himself after being separated from his wife and child.

“The practice of separating families amounts to arbitrary and unlawful interference in family life, and is a serious violation of the rights of the child,” said a spokesperson for the U.N. human-rights office.

To find out how the general public can fight this horrific policy, the Cut reached out to various organizations that advocate for immigrants’ rights. Below, here’s what you can do to help.

Volunteer at organizations

Many organizations in border states are actively looking for volunteers who are willing to complete tasks like organizing legal intake and interviewing families, especially if those volunteers are Spanish-speaking and have legal experience. The Texas Civil Rights Project, for example, is seeking “volunteers who speak Spanish, Mam, Q’eqchi’ or K’iche’ and have paralegal or legal assistant experience.”

If you can’t volunteer, donate

For those who don’t live in southern states or meet the qualifications for volunteering, a simple way to help is by donating to organizations. In addition to the Texas Civil Rights Project (donate here), there’s the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), the largest immigration nonprofit in Texas that provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrants; the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rightswhich advocates for many of the separated and unaccompanied children; Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, which provides legal representation to low-income immigrants and families seeking reunification; and the Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee, which organizes to oppose migrant detention and border militarization. You can also make a single donation at ActBlue, which will give money to eight organizations that are working to protect migrant children separated from their families at the border. And, as always, you can donate to the ACLU.

Attend a protest

On June 30, cities across the country will host protests against the family-separation policy. A number of organizations including the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the ACLU, the Women’s March, and MoveOn, among others — have organized the event. The main demonstration is scheduled to take place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. Here’s how to join.

Ongoing demonstrations are also being organised by local grassroots organizations, and one group that has coordinated protests all over the U.S. is Families Belong TogetherTo see if there’s a march near you, click here.

Contact your elected representatives

Manoj Govindaiah, the director of Family Detention Services at RAICES, stressed the importance of contacting your local politicians to voice your disapproval.

“The general public needs to make their elected representatives know that they will not tolerate this treatment for anyone, let alone victims of persecution,” he told the Cut. “We recommend that the general public contact their elected officials and express their outrage against these policies.” He also suggests that people arrange and organize meetings with their elected officials when they’re in their home states during congressional recesses “to speak in person about how these policies have affected themselves and their families.”

You can find out who represents you here; if you need a suggestion for what to say, the ACLU has a script.


CALL TO PRACTICE from Lama Tsultrim Allione!


In the face of the inhumane separation of children from their parents at the US border with Mexico, we are launching a Green Tara Campaign to end this horrific traumatizing practice condemned by the UN. Simultaneously send love to both the parents and the children. Let’s see what we can do together. 🙏
See yourself as Green Tara and repeat her mantra:
Green Tara description:
With one face and two hands, emerald green in colour, she performs the mudra (gesture) of generosity with the right hand extended over the knee holding the stem of a lotus flower blossoming by the right ear. With the left hand held to the heart in a mudra of blessing she holds the stem of a lotus - blossoming to the left side. Adorned with gold and jewels in the form of a tiara with five gems, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the like, she wears various silk garments. With the right leg extended, resting on a small moon and lotus cushion, and the left drawn up, she sits in a relaxed posture on a moon disc. 

Lama Tsultrim Allione, author and international teacher, is the founder and spiritual director of Tara Mandala. In 2009, Lama Tsultrim was selected by an esteemed committee of Buddhist scholars and practitioners to receive the International Outstanding Women in Buddhism Award given in Bangkok, Thailand.